• depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • people who have experienced 
    traditional clinical models
    as unsuitable or stigmatizing

My name is Lori Helfenbaum

In my therapy practice, I work with individuals, families, and couples and have experience working with the LGBTQ community as well as other therapists.  I aim to approach therapeutic conversations through a non-pathologizing, respectful lens and to honour and appreciate people's lived experience. Clients with whom I work are dealing with an array of issues which might include:

  • relationship difficulties
  • body image struggles
  • ​grief/loss
  • self-doubt
  • food-related troubles

Calgary Narrative Therapy


Narrative Therapy in Calgary


As a counsellor, I am drawn to Narrative Therapy out of an awareness that many traditional ways of "helping" can be experienced as pathologizing, condescending, and in some cases, even re-traumatizing. Narrative approaches aim to honour the seriousness of problems affecting people's lives, while prioritizing the strengths, commitments, and hopes that can help people move in their preferred directions.

Narrative Therapy holds that persons are not themselves a problem; rather, persons often find themselves under the influence of problems that can affect their lives and relationships. Narrative practices acknowledge that problems don't exist in a vacuum; they are considered within the political, social, and cultural contexts in which they occur. It is my hope that through deeper listening, the crafting of good questions, and approaching people's stories through the lens of curiosity, that better, more respectful conversations can emerge.